Here is video about how the board works! Enjoy!


Here is the board installed and ready to go. The board has 72″ x 36″ plexiglass or glass embedded in the frame. The design is on wheels and easy to fit through standard doorways. We know we rolled it to the other end of the building.




These are the 6 parts to put together. The lights come inside the frame.  It takes about an hour to put together. You will need help placing the plexiglass or glass  in the frame and standing it up.You will need an electric screwdriver with phllips head. The design below  is an upgrade from the one above. When we added glass as an option, we had to strengthen the legs and the base. Here the base sits on 4 dollies for greater stability.

Off to packaging and shipping!



Putting the pieces together is fairly easy. We’ve tried to put much of the hard assembly work in, so you don’t have to.







Here are some instructions on preparing your video. Takes about 5 minutes to make it ready.


The lights are embedded in the frame top and bottom!


What makes our design unique!



Small enhancements are sometimes the best. A tray for your markers. Neon is best.